Info for Presenters

Information for Paper Presenters

  • Bring your slides on a USB key (also have a backup copy somewhere online), we will have a Windows computer (with Internet access) and projector available for your use.
  • You are welcome to use your laptop. Important: If you are using a Mac computer, please bring a VGA->Mini DisplayPort adapter.
  • You will have a total of 20 min for your presentation (15 for slides/talk + 5 min for Q&A)
  • Here is the link to a helpful post on “How to Give a Fabulous Academic Presentation: Five Tips to Follow”

Information for Panel Presenters

  • Coordinate panel introductions, moderation, content and format with your fellow panelists before the conference.
  • You and your fellow panelists will have a total of 1 hour.

Information for Poster Presenters

Information for Session Moderators

  1. Identify the number of presentations for your session and allotted time
  2. Introduce speakers and presentations including: the speaker’s name, affiliation, presentation title.
  • Example:We have X numbers of presentations in this session on [name of session]. First up is [name of presenter(s)], from [affiliation] presenting on [title of paper].
  1. Monitor time of presentations. Presentation time limits:
  • All papers = 20 minutes (15-minute presentation + 5-minute Q&A)
  • Provide the presenter with a 5 & 2-minute notification (Signage Provided).
  • Set your phone timer/alarm for 15 minutes so the alarm goes off loudly after 15 minutes.
  • When the presenter’s time has lapsed, hold up the “TIME” card (signage provided).
  • Please note, if a presenter goes over time with the presentation, their Q&A period will be shortened to a maximum of 20 minutes. If a presentation is less than 15 minutes, the presenter still has the full 20 minutes which can be used for a longer Q&A.
  1. Thank speakers & audience
  • At the end of each session, please thank all of the presenters and announce the length of the break and what time people should return for the next session. (See Schedule).
  • If there are any technical difficulties, please contact the Registration desk.